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Windows 7 Tryouts, Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

Windows 7 is really stunning. I’ve had quite a good bit of impression here with this operating system. 🙂 These are solely based on my personal experience with se7en. Btw i’ve been a user of DOS till Windows 7/Server 2008, inclusive of debian/slackware as my favourite list in the opensource technologies and macosx which i’ve used for a year during my course of work at a gaming studio.


nice looking taskbar, very well organised. just requires alittle bit of getting used to.

Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

80 default inbound rules and couple of mines.

default aero theme 🙂

landscape theme

changing themes !

Here are what took me by surprise,
– Good multitasking capability (slower background tasks – thus faster foreground tasks)
– Good boot-up timing of ~15 seconds
– Good installation speed of <15 minutes
– Faster file copying speed, comparable with TeraCopy on Windows XP
– Good Snipping Tool, alike with Hypersnap I used in Windows XP
– Windows Firewall with Advanced Security (this was bundled with Windows Server 2008 initially)
— additional default 80 inbound rules iirc
— domains isolation with windows
— SSL app layer + IPsec network layer + 802.1x datalink = formidable
— if anybody's interested in WFAS, here's where they can go to,

with windows7, the aesthetics and performance gain makes your computer much more appealing to use again, other than work. work is never work again! :):)
good night people, and you. and most of all you whom i honour dearly.

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