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Sharing internet, the way to go

Today, SingNet’s technician finally came down to my place. We had a tiff, cause he didn’t agree with my problems stating that the problem is caused by my own phone devices. I wasn’t in a very good mood after he woken me up from my sleep. But he was patient enough to give definite answers from his point of view and experience. Eventually the ultimate goal from my end is to change the faulty modem since i have already tolerated enough with the faulty modem for a year over. He did, and i also shown him the sluggishness of the modem at the setup interface page. The previous 2wire modem was partially faulty already, and I already did manage to do workarounds and serve 5-6 users in a network environment with users using mainly streaming and downloading services for a year.

I still love my m0n0wall and dd-wrt. 🙂

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