2016/2017 Singapore to Hat Yai, Krabi, Sadao

Just penning down some important milestones and task. Whether you are driving bikes or cars, the procedures are the same.

* Assuming you have covered the VISA application procedures, and I’m not covering it in this post.

Making Thai insurance is one of the mandatory list of item to do to drive your vehicle across Malaysia (Bukit Kayu Hitam) and Thailand (Sadao) borders. You can find the shops couple of kilometres before the custom. I made mine in this shop – Refer to the picture here, they prepare everything for you in under 17-20 MYR.

You need to bring:
1. Vehicle Registration Details (Singapore Log Card)
2. Passport
3. Road Tax (just in case)

Once you are at the borders, there’s two control points to process your entry:

1. Passport Control
(prepare 2 ringgit, passport, and the white slip of paper prepared earlier) – they will collect your arrival slip at this point

2. Vehicle Control
(pass your copies of insurance and passport to them)

You’ll find the departure slip stapled to your passport. Do not lose this, as you’ll need to make report to the local police station and inform your embassy. Customs will handle the rest of the process later.

Every now depending on your passport country entry VISA requirements, you also need to make known to the officer if you are staying beyond your VISA limits. 

Now, go back to your vehicle and drive through safely, enjoy your entry to Thailand.

Happy driving, obey the laws and culture of the people. Happy new year 2017!

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