IKEA STORA Loft Bed + IKEA Sultan Huglo

Hi all,

For those with HDB ceiling height of 2.5metre and wants a loft bed, read on.

I bought a second-hand IKEA STORA Loft Bed + IKEA SULTAN HUGLO for my HDB flat with 255-256 cm ceiling height from floor base. The prerequisite for the bed is 2.7metre ceiling, slicing 14.5-15.0 cm off the legs will make this bed more than alright for a typical HDB flat. by reducing the height of the bed it makes STORA height requirement 255cm . I am 178cm and weight around 69kg. I have no problems sitting upright on top. There’s more than enough height space for myself to sit under the bed to use the area as a workstation.

There’s two things you need your workshop to do for you, it cost $40 for this to be done.
– Slice 14.5cm on the 4-legs holding the bed
– Slice 14.5cm and 10-15 degrees on the ladder base to reduce the original height shorter. Ask your carpenter to do the angle measurement again, I don’t have a protractor here.

  • I got my carpentry done at BIDEAS Production, look for Leah Chuah.
  • I also hired a transport Benny from HungryBox (find on Google/Gumtree). He charges $50 for per trip from origin to destination address, this is on the higher side of price compared to others who charges $25-$30 only.

Some comments,

  1. Installation of the bed is not hard. You need a helper.
  2. I installed the ladder on the sides of the bed to create more spaces for my room.
  3. Use a spirit level (balancer) if you are worried whether the bed is upright. Then add more rubber pads below the legs to make it straighter.


Contact me if you have any questions.


  1. lawliett79 said

    I’ve been to ikea to see, the beds are super shaky..I’m 70kg..safe I don’t feel safe to go up.. Ceiling height not a problem. Is the bed shaky like when u climb up and down? How about rolling on your side when u sleep? I tend to do that.

  2. byon said

    Not so bad. These days I crowd around the top with 120kg of weight. Don’t swing around or do funny things. Just pure sleeping is fine. Its not shaky, but if u decide to use force to push it, it will make some noise. But rolling doesn’t creak. But creaks happen when u climb stairs or focus all ur weight on one part of the bed.

  3. sarah said

    Hi, would love to see photos thanks. Am thinking of buying same bed for my 9 year old. We have 260cm ceilings – so 10cm under the limit Ikea give. Am tempted to chop off 10cm off the legs too, although he’s only 140cm tall at the moment he will grow! Did you attach the ladder to the narrow end of the bed and not the side like in the Ikea pic? Didnt know that was possible and that would suit us much better too!

    • byon said

      Yup i did it. Ill show u photos shortly.

      • lawliett79 said

        I just bought the bed and had it installed for me! We usually DIY ikea stuff, but for this an exception as it is a bed for a human (ie me) to sleep on. And at 2+m the bed was too hard to trpt home in our own car lol. Did you trpt it home yourself? o.O

        Btw, what do you have under the bed? I’m now kind of having a headache finding table and shelves to fit under -.- My room is damn small and very lacking in space and I have too many things 😦

        Pictures of your bed and below pls? 🙂

        mine’s white, and it creaks too much :X I hate it (mine’s a single bed on it, then i’m plannign to find planks to put on the sides so I can use it as my ‘bedside extra’

        btw, did you put anything under the four posts before you put up the bed? I didn’t, and I’m afraid if I were to remove the bed in future there’d be four sunk-in spots :X

  4. Jaykay said

    i’m interested in seeing the modified loft bed as well. I’m about your height and weight so i’m really glad that this adjustment could work for me.

  5. byon said

    Email me! I’ll forward you the pictures 🙂

    • Joan Jakubowski said

      Please send me your pictures! And thank you for posting your experience

  6. VB said

    Hi there! I’ve just bought this bed and the installation guys mounted the ladder on the wrong side (right instead of left)…how easy is it to mount it on the other side? Will I have to turn the entire bed around to do so?

    Thanks 🙂

    • byon said

      Yeah its easy. I guess u emailed me about this before?

      • nurdin said

        hi, can email me the photos

  7. byon said

    Hi there, I have stopped emailing the photos as there were very bad experiences with anonymous ppl.

    • jeanette said

      By on, not possible to email ur pics already? I’m really interested in getting this bed, currently out of stock. I actually have an ikea queen mattress already. Will it be able to fit in the loft bed?

  8. byon said

    do you have the dimensions? it should be fine. I always verify by measuring the dimensions personally. u can ask ikea staff if it’s possible to fit on the bed as well..

    • Jeanette said

      hi byon, thanks. my mattress is 150cm x 200cm . it is like a little off from the bed width. Not sure if can fit in. 😡 I’ll check with Ikea staff.
      Anyways, if i saw off the legs of the bed, can I not use the level metering to measure? Is there any other way to check if it is aligned?

      Thanks Byon.

  9. Ivonne said

    I have an Ikea stora loftbed and I thought you could also change it to be a regular bed. Would you know how to do that ?? If so can you please send me the instruction.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


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  11. Rebecca Chew said

    Hi do you still have the contact for your carpenter? And how much was charged for shortening the legs? Thank you !

  12. Skip said

    Hi, do we only bring the four poles and ladder to the carpenter?
    Did you self deliver? Is the loft bed wobbly after the cut?

    • byon said

      Hi, it’s better since there’s better center of gravity.

      Yes I self brought the four wood and ladder over.

      • Skip said

        I see. Can I ask you… since mine is also a hdb.. with 260cm, is it necessary to cut for a 160 lady?

      • byon said

        Its not necessary imho. But if you want to have more air room, then it’s necessary to do it. I am taller so it was necessary. I worked out that u are >15cm shorter, it wouldn’t matter much.

        Bear in mind that heat rises, and it takes time for the aircon to cool down the top portion of the room. I usually use fan and aircon for first ten minutes, then shut off fan thereafter.

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